Outdoor Activities

The Barnyard:

The barnyard is home to a playful menagerie of donkeys, sheep, pygmy goats, and chickens. Each has their own personality and provide hours of entertainment. We also have three Boxer dogs which roam and protect the property.

Jack’s Pond

The 1⁄4 acre pond is filled with large-mouth bass, crappie and bluegill for catch-and-release fishing. You can fish from the dock or the little blue row boat. (No need to be bold. I’m hoping we can link to the blog post I did about the blue boat. It’s sweet.) Fishing poles are provided but feel free to bring your own. There are snapping turtles so swimming is not allowed in the pond.

Peter & Sevilla’s Vegetable Garden

Peter and Sevilla were two young slaves who lived at the farm in the mid-1800’s. Unfortunately there’s not too much known about them. The vegetable garden has been named after them to acknowledge their existence and to honor their memories. From late spring through summer the garden is chock-full of delicious produce used at the farm and sold to the public through the Pinky Swear Farm Mobile Produce Market.

The Orchard

The small, but growing, orchard consists of 25 fruit trees. We’ve added peach, plum, cherry and fig trees to the mature apple and pear trees. New trees are added every year.

The Meadow

Next to the River Stream and in the back of the property you’ll find the meadow. Along withwildflowers you’ll see deer, fox, mink, rabbits, groundhogs and various other animals.

Wilma’s Trail

There’s a walking trail named after my grandmother who never had a chance to visit Pinky Swear Farm but was an avid walker even though she was blind. The trail leads from behind the farmhouse, over the River Stream, up the hill into the woods, and then down through the back meadow after crossing the River Stream again. While the trail is “easy” hiking shoes are recommended because of slight inclines, fallen trees, and the water crossing.

The River Stream

Jack and I constantly debate what to call the body of water that flows through the property. I call it a River; he calls it a Stream. It has the look and feel of both depending on the time of year and amount of rain. To satisfy us both, it’s now called the River Stream. It is a tributary of Gunpowder Falls and runs the length of the property.

Recent Projects